eesome: pleasing to the eye; attractive

Founded in 2019, Eesome is a digital platform creating aesthetic and informational value on ethical fashion, natural beauty, inclusivity and sustainable stories for conscious readers and professionals.

Eesome gives people sustainable alternatives and challenging perspectives on our condition. A digital exploration path acting as a meeting point for consumers, brands and creators, with the aim to increase knowledge and sensibility about responsible consumption and acceptance.

Chapters can be released anytime over the year, embracing a mindful and slower approach to life, not ruled by consumeristic society, allowing in this way an organic growth of timeless content that endures.

Covering art direction, digital publishing, image-making and tailor-made services, Eesome is evolving into a progressive creative studio for sustainable labels, pursuing eco production choices to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.

For collaborations, media kit & advertising inquiries please contact: [email protected]