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Paola Arena + Marco Imperatore

Paola Arena + Marco Imperatore

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It feels as if this historical moment is forcing us to close in on ourselves and withdraw. The anxiety and the constant concern about the future make it hard for everybody to have that openness of mind to be artistic, or even just to properly wander with the imagination. But the history of art teaches us something that right now is supremely important: you don’t necessarily need to start from scratch to create something new.

As a publication, for us it’s of primary importance to produce exclusive contents for every chapter and the quarantine invited us to be imaginative and to find new spaces for creativity. That’s why we asked three artists to work on the pictures of three photographers, manipulating a few of their already-existing images into something original.

Marco Imperatore is an emerging talent in fashion photography; he lives in Milan and his fame is constantly growing, thanks to his nostalgic yet intense style of photography. He mostly shoots in analog, portraying on film the spirit of youth and its carefree authenticity.

Artist Paola Arena’s background also set its roots in fashion, as she started her career as a stylist and, even before that, as a child, she would draw clothes and fashion sketches. @Pimp_my_mag is Paola’s artistic project on Instagram, a profile where she posts her cartoon-like reinterpretation of fashion magazines’ pages.

Paola Arena worked on Marco’s pictures through the mean of painting: with feathery strokes of vibrant colors or earthy tones, Paola shows folkloristic echos and seems to recall some traditional tribal costumes of central Africa, making us perceive already the intense scent of the summer that’s silently waiting.

artworks by Paola Arena
images shot by Marco Imperatore
words by Francesca Martorelli