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Rebecca Coltorti + Julia Morozova

Rebecca Coltorti + Julia Morozova

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It feels as if this historical moment is forcing us to close in on ourselves and withdraw. The anxiety and the constant concern about the future make it hard for everybody to have that openness of mind to be artistic, or even just to properly wander with the imagination. But the history of art teaches us something that right now is supremely important: you don’t necessarily need to start from scratch to create something new.

As a publication, for us it’s of primary importance to produce exclusive contents for every chapter and the quarantine invited us to be imaginative and to find new spaces for creativity. That’s why we asked three artists to work on the pictures of three photographers, manipulating a few of their already-existing images into something original.

Julia Morozova’s delicate yet impactful aesthetic articulates in her fashion imagery, where ultimately tenderness is made bold and womanhood is made strong. In Julia’s compelling world, unconventional beauties are shot in dazzling open-air landscapes with an essential care for the detail: femininity is always whispered but never paraded, in a subtle yet evocative way.

Rebecca Coltorti, Italian illustrator with a penchant for the cut-out technique, defines herself as a mixed-media artist, who uses both manual crafts and digital ones. The result is a charming series of metamorphosis, a loud and colorful mix’n’match where everything appears extraordinarily harmonic

To Julia’s dainty and refined universe, Rebecca Coltorti applied the technique of the collage, as if she was a more pop, stylish version of Man Ray. And here the photographs are transformed in a visual moodboard ready to provide inspiration or in the artistic journal you wish you had.

artworks by Rebecca Coltorti
images shot by Julia Morozova
words by Francesca Martorelli