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9 inspiring Instagram profiles that will feed your creativity

9 inspiring Instagram profiles that will feed your creativity

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For the first time since we can remember, we have time. Scary, unstoppable, dense time in continuous and undaunted anticipation. In this very specific instant of suspension, we have the chance to stop and breathe. It’s the moment for all those things that “I don’t have time for”.

We get to reset, reorganize, recharge.

Locked in our homes, we can’t stop our minds, and not even the stream of inspiration, that, endless and kaleidoscopic like the Instagram feed, makes us conceive undiscovered worlds and new possibilities. Our forced solitudes can actually allow us to listen better to the echo of beauty and make us appreciate it in a deeper, calmer way.

To keep your minds on the go, we offer you a selection of highly-curated, extremely inspiring Instagram profiles, for you to fill your eyes and feed your spirit: it’s time to channel your creativity in new and unexplored paths of the imagination.


Bitothisbitothat defines itself as a digital curated gallery. And a virtual exhibition is exactly what we need right now in order to give our minds fresh fuel and new energy. A collection of memorabilia and precious gems available to our eyes: usually you would be paying a ticket for this.


They are twisted, they are curled in soft coils, they are dyed in impossible hues, they defeat gravity: in her feed, Alex Brownsell posts pictures of hair and hairstyles. If it’s true that our hair says a lot about us, it’s also true that her feed says a lot about Alex’s flair.


Every creative person knows it: everything is art and art is everywhere. In the greenish gleam of a sculpture made of a watermelon and an apple, in a feminine eye appearing through a lace curtain, in a pile of pomegranates at the local market. In this profile you can really find every kind of picture and…well, everything is art.


The bio of this profile, Fouressentials, promises daily inspiration and never disappoints its viewers: in this feed you will find crystals, flowers, games of light, some fashion and a lot of decadence. Let yourself be surprised by the smallest and unexpected sparks of the ordinary.


In her personal profile, Simone takes our hand and shows us her world. Her universe is made of pastel colors, soft shapes, art — that looks like filtered through the eyes of a child — and, more than anything, joie de vivre.


A stretch of olive trees in the earthy landscape of the South of Italy, the warmth of the skin under the sun, the pearly glow of a rose: these and many more impressions of a never-ending summer is what you will find in this feed.


Whether it’s a fashion editorial, the picture of a coveted design piece or some nice architecture, this feed is all about style. Here you can find the right image for your moodboard or the missing tassel to your inspiration. Thanks us later.


In the smooth and neutral tones of sepia, this visual gallery sublimates the nostalgia for the analog by sharing it in the most digital of the communities. The result is a pleasant contrast where we can appreciate the tactile experience of the film through the screens of our phones.


The metamorphosis of a girl in a sofa. A pair of shoes made of paper or banana peel. Foam in the shape of a female body. This feed is oneiric, surrealistic, bizarre and never ever banal. Salvador Dalí would totally be a follower.

Selection by Ilaria Cosentino
Words by Francesca Martorelli