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Sustainable Brands: Generazione KM-0

Sustainable Brands: Generazione KM-0

Sustainable clothing isn’t necessarily a new concept, but the pandemic has shed a new light on consumers’ practices and our impact on nature. Many designers, including Giorgio Armani and Alessandro Michele at Gucci, have invoked the need of slower rhythms in fashion houses, in order to fuel creativity and limit waste, refusing to give in to the endless hunger for constant newness.

As consumers, also thanks to documentaries such as The True Cost, we have become increasingly more aware of our impact on the planet and of the environmental consequences of what we buy, whereas many businesses and companies have succeeded in ethically choosing to make a positive difference in the landscape of fashion.

The brands featured in this editorial, keeping the creativity up and the waste down and all based in Italy, show us exactly that: fashion can put the planet first.

IINDACO is a relatively new — but already very popular — and innovative brand of shoes that applies the idea of a positive social impact and circular economy to the luxury market, in order to offer ethical products with sophisticated designs; Oh Carla, on the other hand, creates haute-couture-looking and whimsical garments made of recovered fabrics sewn together in sculptural patchworks, all by hand and made-to-measure. Cocco’s t-shirts and dresses are the result of a playful and joyous approach to sustainability: each piece of clothing is unique and created from leftover fabrics. Vitelli is a knitwear brand that gets its inspiration in Italian youth subcultures while producing its collections by family-owned local businesses and with reclaimed yarns: the aim of the brand is a 100% sustainable production cycle and its aesthetics is condensed in a mix that feels artisanal and contemporary at the same time. To top the clothes, you will find the curved surfaces of the jewels by MATO, made by hand with retrieved leather sourced in factories in the North of Italy, each one unique in color and shape.

left – top Oh Carla, pants Vitelli, earrings MATO
right – top Vitelli, bikers Oh Carla

dress Oh Carla, boots IINDACO, earrings MATO

left – dress Cocco, boots IINDACO, earrings MATO
right – sweater Vitelli

top & bikers Cocco, earrings MATO

left – top & skirt Oh Carla, earrings MATO
right – top Vitelli, bikers Oh Carla, boots IINDACO

left – top Vitelli, earrings MATO
right – dress Oh Carla, earrings MATO

photography Ilaria Taschini
fashion styling Francisca Ceballos
hair & make up Francesca Vinciguerra
talents Chiara @ Persona Milano
Aicha, Leyla & Sami @ Monster Badd
photo assistant Maria Pozzozengaro
words by Francesca Martorelli