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Glassy Dream by Ilaria Taschini

Glassy Dream by Ilaria Taschini

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Glassy refers to the surface of the water when surfing on days without wind. On these days, the water is as smooth as a mirror, no matter how small a bump in the wave disturbs the surfers when surfing. From clean waves with glassy water dreams every surfer. And every surfer who has ever experienced perfect waves with Glassy water, knows the feeling then to feel every little movement of the surfboard in the turns. Like a speed skater with freshly cut skates on a freshly prepared rink. Glassy is the opposite of Choppy.”

Photographer Ilaria Taschini teams up with make up artist Marika Zaramella to produce this exclusive beauty story featuring the new Espressohs GLASSY illuminating and ultra radiant blush for Eesome Magazine Chapter I. The blush has a transparent gel texture that turns into a pinkish fresh and natural tint with a gloss effect once in contact with the skin. The color and intensity vary according to the complexion and pH of the skin. Apply a very thin veil with your brush or fingers and then tap and blend it: the more quantity of product you will apply, the more intense the effect will be.

photography Ilaria Taschini // make up Marika Zaramella // talent Onome @ Brave Models