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Leitalienne’s Quarantine Skincare & Beauty Treatments

Leitalienne’s Quarantine Skincare & Beauty Treatments

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We are facing a challenging time, and so is our skin. Staying in has increased the time we spend with our electronic devices, which means we are overexposed to blue lights. Tablets, computers and phone screens create damaging radiations that are reflected back onto our skin. Moreover, indoor humidity levels play a significant role in dehydrated and dull skin, while indoor heating makes the air dry and strips the skin of its natural moisture and radiance.

For this reason, our beauty editor Marika Zaramella tapped into her favorite skincare products and suggested some that are perfect for these quarantine days. These products are not aggressive: on the contrary, they are very nourishing, ideal for stressed and dehydrated skins. In addition, if your skin needs that extra moisture, Marika has selected six masks and treatments to apply, especially if you have tons of free time due to the self-isolation.

You can do up to one mask session per day, or even do multimasking (different masks at the same time, according to the needs of each area of your face), but be careful with mixing masks, especially if they contain exfoliant acids, because they can be irritating; at the same time, Marika recommends not to change all the products of your routine at once but to re-place them one by one, gradually introducing each new step, as a drastic change could stress your skin even more.


Pixi – Rose Cream Cleanser

“The first step of my suggested skincare routine is the non-stripping Rose & Chamomile Cream Cleanser by Pixi. It’s perfect for these days as staying indoor can make your skin more dehydrated. Super gentle and non-foaming, it will replenish your skin with fatty ac-ids thanks to the avocado extract and oil. The texture is a rich cream that turns into a milk.”


Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

“After the cleansing, you can go for Klairs’ Supple Preparation Toner: it contains a lot of botanical extracts and will provide full nourishment to your skin, thanks to lipidure and beta-glucan. It’s also very calming, rebalancing and its texture feels like an essence.”


CLE Cosmetics – Vitamin C Elixir

Vitamin C Elixir by CLE Cosmetics is a Korean 2-in-1 oil & serum hybrid and truly a gem, that targets dull and discolored skin. It has a bi-layer formula that delivers powerful vitamins and antioxidants deep below the surface of your skin and it will give you a more hydrated and brighter complexion. It contains 11% pure vitamin C and other natural oils that are rich in antioxidants, all of which shield the skin from environmental stressors, promote collagen production, heal and prevent blemishes as well as fading pigmentation issues. This product is perfect to treat your skin during these days. Make sure to use it before going to bed and don’t forget to wear some SPF in the morning, especially if you expose your skin to sunlight.”


Ho Karan La Crème Stupéfiante

“After the serum, it’s time to apply La Crème Stupéfiante by Ho Karan, a rich cream that moisturizes, plumps up, protects and de-stresses all skin types. It contains hyaluronic acid and cannabis sativa seeds, plus some essential oils that make me feel very relaxed when I use it. Super recommended, especially when you’re chilling at home. It’s vegan and 99% natural.”


Dr. Organic – Tea Tree Deep Pore Charcoal Mask

“This charcoal and clay mask with tea tree oil and alpha + beta hydroxy acids removes the impurities and exfoliates gently. The brand is 100% natural, too.”

Caudalìe Masque Instant Détox

“A very delicate pink clay mask that removes the clogs in your pores and the sebum in excess without attacking the skin. It can be used also as a local treatment on pimples.”

Skin79 – Green Tea Purifying Clay Mask

“The Green Tea and Clay Mask by Skin79 is purifying and calming. Enriched with green tea extract, it’s very delicate and suitable for all skin types. Pro tip: do not let the mask dry, but moisten it with a face mist as soon as it starts to dry.”

The Beddha – Gua Sha + Roller

“Another thing you can do for your skin is a Gua Sha, straight from the Chinese skin routine: the word means “scraping” and it indicates the massage you have to perform on your skin with the specific gua sha shell-shaped device, traditionally made of bone or jade. It’s amazing to minimize your pores, increase the blood flow and stimulate the collagen production. Easier to use but similar in its benefits is the roller, that will also enhance your glow and reduce the puffiness.  Before going to bed, use it to massage your face directly or on top of a sheet-mask to help absorbing the active ingredients. Before you start using any tool, make sure to watch a tutorial: I recommend this one by Sandra Lanshin Chiu. The Gua Sha and the roller I use are part of a kit by The Beddha.”


Paula’s Choice Super Hydrate Overnight Mask

Super Hydrating Overnight Mask by Paula’s Choice is a soothing and repairing sleeping mask. It has deeply moisturizing properties that soothe extra sensitive skin with anti-inflammatory qualities. It contains reishi mushrooms, that boost the skin barrier, and cloudberries, that are high in vitamin C: it brightens, it contributes to slow down the signs of age and it stimulates the circulation while you’re sleeping.”

Cosrx – Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

“Last but not least, this COSRX’s Overnight Spa Mask contains rice extract and has a light gel consistency. To be put on before bed, it moisturizes and plumps the skin in your sleep, leaving it super glowy and uniform in the morning.”