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Terra Nuova by Ilaria Taschini

Terra Nuova by Ilaria Taschini

A sudden burst of wind forces a swirl of leaves to let go of their branch and scatter on the grey cobblestone leaving a shimmering carpet of putridity. A subtle reminder of how everything has to come to an end eventually. It’s fall again, can you imagine?

If anything, 2020 has exposed our inner and outer vulnerability as humans, our finitude, or more genuinely: our worldly arrogance. It seems multiple lifetimes ago since we stopped being conscious of the rare, fragile pact we once made with the place that’s our only home. Flying around the globe, butchering the woods, scrolling through feeds, we’ve long become so detached from the truly divine: the kind of comfort we can find only in nature. We are a numb society, but still alive. We crave joy and freedom, only magnified by the memory of the happiness we felt as kids when didn’t know about anything else. Now is the time for apology and catharsis.

So for this third chapter of Eesome Magazine, Ilaria Taschini teamed up with stylist Viviana Amato alongside make up artist Manuela Balducci to create an exclusive fashion editorial piece starring Dounia, a striking talent represented by Persona Milano. A visual reunification of earth and mankind.

left – blouse DAVII, pants MRZ, over pants ARRABAL

left – total look ARRABAL
right – dress Angelos Frentzos

left – top & sleeves ADELBEL, pants MRZ
right – blouse DAVII

right – dress DAVII

left – blouse DAVII, pants MRZ, over pants ARRABAL
right – jacket (+)PEOPLE

photography Ilaria Taschini
fashion styling Viviana Amato
hair & make up Manuela Balducci
talent Dounia @ Persona Milano
words by Maria Rauter